September 2015

Vita in Verbo – Life in the Word

Vita in Verbo – Life in the Word
CUH Faculty Speaker Series (2015-16)

The inaugural session of “Vita in Verbo – Life in the Word,” a CUH Faculty Speaker Series, is happening Monday, September 28, from  12:30-1:20.  Come hear from our own Regina Pfeiffer (Religion) and Koreen Nakahado (English).  Light food and refreshment will be provided.

     Regina Pfieffer:  “Steel Guitar – From Hawaii to Beyond”

Koreen Nakahado:  “Chuuk and Place – Workshop, Faculty, and Student Transitions” 

“Vita in Verbo” is a new series providing CUH faculty a space to share their research and pedagogy.


Silversword Cinema’s Friday Night Sights

Silversword Cinema presents…

Friday Night Sights

In an effort to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and stimulate intellectual curiosity, “Friday Night Sights” brings together faculty from a variety of disciplines – English, Environmental & Interior Design, Communication, Religion, Philosophy, and Nursing – to explore the topic of subjectivity and the self in the twenty-first century.  Film will be the medium through which we delve into the subject, and screenings will be held in the Faculty Center (Eiben 201) in September, October, and November.  Faculty from different departments will introduce each film and then host a discussion after.  Light refreshments will be served.

Heart of the Sea
Friday, September 25 at 7:00pm
Faculty Center (Eiben 201)
Pete Steiger  (Religion & Philosophy)
Brooke A. Carlson (English)
Liza Lockard (Environmental & Interior Design)

Friday, October 23 at 5:00pm
Faculty Center (Eiben 201)
Eurina Kee (Nursing)
Brooke A. Carlson (English)
Liza Lockard (Environmental & Interior Design)

Men, Women & Children
Friday, November 20 at 5:00pm
Henry 207
Eva Rose B. Washburn-Ropollo (Communication)
Brooke A. Carlson (English)
Liza Lockard (Environmental & Interior Design)

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